Wednesday, May 19, 2010

concept drawing

I got the cross hatching and stuff down on paper but when it comes to my tablet and painting and drawing its can seem to some out with the right texture. Anyway this is a concept of mine, started off in pen n scanned it in and went into digital.

Friday, May 14, 2010


My latest stuffies, I didnt have a pencil with me so I used pen. Im pretty happy how it turned out. =)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My View/In LOVE!

this is the view from my window. I woke up ate really quick, took a quick shower than sat down and drew this.

Im in love with... this ACURA!!! OMG!

Im thinking I like the white pearl better with a black leather interior! This car is yummolicious! I drive past the Acura lot on Ala Blvd on my way to work every morning and theres a red one that i see that always gets me excited. I dont usually go "ga ga" over cars but its soo pretty. There are these rims (19" diamond cut rims) its 6 spoke rims flat gray with black OMG! lol idk what it is but it just gets me reved up. The white is pretty pimp looking. I couldnt find a a pic of it, but its ok they all look delicious! I read on some forums that Honda have Hybrids in mind for the future , so Ima wait for the Hybrids to come out. There has been talk about the RL being the most ready to transition into the Hybrid, but I have also read that they might do the TL as well. My fingers are crossed that the TL will come out as a Hybrid =) hehe MY DREAM CAR! I just have to settle for a color. White is nice, the Black is HOT, and the Maroon is just gorgeous, and the silver is pretty too! I think I'll get all of them!


Had to work today but i spent a few hours in borders checking out some faces and poses in magazines, picked these two to draw. Not sure how long it took my, i dont really care, it was jsut NICE to be in my element again! WAAAA HOOO!

Heard on the radio that they passed the Civil Union Act! How exciting is that?! Im not sure about the details but if your dating someone and want to share their benefits you can get I believe most of the perks that a married couple can get, ex. inssurane and tax benefits. Thats amazing! Its great becuase it also recognizes Homosexuals not just Heterosexuals! OMG! I gotta read up on this more.