Monday, July 22, 2013


if it was that simple
simple as breathing
but we both know that can be a burden too

if it was that simple
id have you here
we'd be talking, laughing, smiling
time would pass with out us noticing

if it was that simple
id be in your arms
wrapped like child, comforted by your embrace
capes, masks, and make believe would be our escape

if it was that simple
we'd be living the life
coffee in the morning
with an afternoon delight

if it was that simple and life was how id imagine
it'd be too easy and id take you for granted

but here is the truth
you're miles away
fighting for your life

we talk in code to avoid the obvious
code and decode our words to make it meaningful
im a dreamer, you're grounded
we're fighting for life and thats about all we have in common.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thursday, March 17, 2011

turning Tables

my newest dance vid. been going through some relationship things that really got me down but soon realized that i cant change a person or their point of view and there is no point in butting heads when no one is gonna win. So i bowed out and let it go. I had hard time coming to terms with what had happen but it isnt as nearly as difficult to letting go from previous relationships. I feel that I have grown from this experience and become a stronger and more aware person for it. There will always be a little bit of hurt and sadness but only time can heal that. In the mean time i am going to keep my head up and keep moving forward.

Iv noticed that everything that i create has an emotional attachment to it. I can draw, paint and dance for no reason but every piece i do has a bit of me in it, and this def has me and and a new part of me in it.

I hope you like it. Its not awesome, or perfect, its just me dancing, speaking, and expressing. =)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I need...

I need to draw soo much more....

Life After You

3/7/11 - Contep Class @ HDS 7-830 Every Mon.
'Life After You"
Choreographed by: Victoria Brown

"No matter WHO or WHAT comes in and out of my life, I know that dance will always be there for me. It won't question or hold a grudge but welcome me ALWAYS."

Been kinda emo lately, it was good that I got to dance and realize the above. =) Its not perfect, its just pure soul. Everyone is telling a story and its all works beautifully together. Unison is boring lets mix it up and have 3 dif stories going at once. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Been sick for like a week and couldn't dance. Had a frantic day at work going 100 mph. I was happy to be done and danced to my car, danced around my car, then someones headlights came on and i decided... "oh shit, someones watching" and got into my car and danced IN my car while I sat my ass in traffic! Yay for the light post out side my house and the rain that made the ground all shiny! PRETTY!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Girl with ONE eye

So i finally painted something. Had this in my head for a couple of days now. Its been a shitty two weeks, and i need something to distract me... This didnt really help but took the edge off a little. Its called "Girl with ONE eye." The concept is that part mech, part human, part earth. The mech part is to keep her head level and analyze things properly and not just with her HUMAN HEART so she wont be vulnerable. Human is obviously just human lots of beauty and error there but still an vital part to her existence. The tree is a the earth part and to show her twisted mind, the tree is bare to show how open like a book she is, the twisted branches show her complexity, the tree is there to ground her and keep her centered. And when all else fails, heart, and mech, she can use the tree as a stable support... So maybe i thought about this one tooo much but WHAT EVER!!!