Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Falling Behind

Pretty busy and interesting day today, I learned that I need a respirator when working with Varnish and that I need to be out doors with lots of air circulating around me when i do it. LOL. I borrowed my co~workers respirator, I didn't get a pix but i did look pretty goofy.

This is the sketch that I worked on today. I finished work early and just kicked back and drew. It was inspired by a boy that was sitting on a bench when i was walking into work this morning. He wasn't lounging like this but just seeing him there sitting sparked this in me. I need to work on the perspective of the foot. My plan for this image is to finish it in pen and cross hatching then take it into photoshop later. Not sure yet though.

I've been busy the past couple of days, I'll put up the final images of the Chef sculpture that I'm doing for the Shore Bird. I'm still in the process of putting the finishing touches on some photos that i took. The photos just keep coming, I have to make more time to get them up here and do some painting as well... sigh.

These are the photos that I got to work on today. I hope you like them. =)


I finally got a new computer and I was able to open my external hard drive called "big mama" and I revived my old digital paintings. Take a looks-ees.

~Starry Nights~


~Ask Me Why~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New edits and Newest project

It was a pretty busy day today, I didn't realize how tired I was until i fell asleep in the car and drooled a bit. .) Attractive I know =) Today was great, I got paid to paint. The best work day ever, im going to have another best work day on Thursday. Enjoy the pix =)

My newest Project

We are just cleaning it up here. Someone painted his hands and the bread that he is supposed to be holding the same color....



I still need to do more work on him. Im gonna continue it on thursday. It was uber fun to refinish this baker sculpture. It weights about 500 lbs or so, solid wood. It has been in the Shore Bird Restaurant before anyone could really remeber. It just has always been in there, and 25 years later comes along the daughter of the boss Lady to paint it and give him life again =) He'll be good go to for another 25 years =)
New Edits

We switched Glasses for a bit. Just for fun.


~Take out?~
~NOPE its my Pallet~

~Work & Play~
secret... photoshop edited... but the blurs are all true I just added more from other photos we took =)
(models~ jen----me)

~Jelly Bean~
omg Jelly Beans sooo addicting...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Edits for today

I took a bunch of pics at Temple Valley and I am slowly going through them and putting them together.

It was feeding time =)

~Elegant Ruffles~

(Photo by Daniel Stender)


They are for the most part true to the photo that was taken, just taken in photoshop and barely messed with the levels =)

1/16th of Day with Dan the Man

My first post on my first blog... =)

Bamboo Forrest
Relaxing in a Graveyard.

The heavens shine down.

Hope you enjoy=) More to come!