Thursday, March 17, 2011

turning Tables

my newest dance vid. been going through some relationship things that really got me down but soon realized that i cant change a person or their point of view and there is no point in butting heads when no one is gonna win. So i bowed out and let it go. I had hard time coming to terms with what had happen but it isnt as nearly as difficult to letting go from previous relationships. I feel that I have grown from this experience and become a stronger and more aware person for it. There will always be a little bit of hurt and sadness but only time can heal that. In the mean time i am going to keep my head up and keep moving forward.

Iv noticed that everything that i create has an emotional attachment to it. I can draw, paint and dance for no reason but every piece i do has a bit of me in it, and this def has me and and a new part of me in it.

I hope you like it. Its not awesome, or perfect, its just me dancing, speaking, and expressing. =)

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