Sunday, February 27, 2011

Girl with ONE eye

So i finally painted something. Had this in my head for a couple of days now. Its been a shitty two weeks, and i need something to distract me... This didnt really help but took the edge off a little. Its called "Girl with ONE eye." The concept is that part mech, part human, part earth. The mech part is to keep her head level and analyze things properly and not just with her HUMAN HEART so she wont be vulnerable. Human is obviously just human lots of beauty and error there but still an vital part to her existence. The tree is a the earth part and to show her twisted mind, the tree is bare to show how open like a book she is, the twisted branches show her complexity, the tree is there to ground her and keep her centered. And when all else fails, heart, and mech, she can use the tree as a stable support... So maybe i thought about this one tooo much but WHAT EVER!!!

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