Saturday, May 1, 2010

My View/In LOVE!

this is the view from my window. I woke up ate really quick, took a quick shower than sat down and drew this.

Im in love with... this ACURA!!! OMG!

Im thinking I like the white pearl better with a black leather interior! This car is yummolicious! I drive past the Acura lot on Ala Blvd on my way to work every morning and theres a red one that i see that always gets me excited. I dont usually go "ga ga" over cars but its soo pretty. There are these rims (19" diamond cut rims) its 6 spoke rims flat gray with black OMG! lol idk what it is but it just gets me reved up. The white is pretty pimp looking. I couldnt find a a pic of it, but its ok they all look delicious! I read on some forums that Honda have Hybrids in mind for the future , so Ima wait for the Hybrids to come out. There has been talk about the RL being the most ready to transition into the Hybrid, but I have also read that they might do the TL as well. My fingers are crossed that the TL will come out as a Hybrid =) hehe MY DREAM CAR! I just have to settle for a color. White is nice, the Black is HOT, and the Maroon is just gorgeous, and the silver is pretty too! I think I'll get all of them!

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