Sunday, September 6, 2009

Canyon Painting

Painted this last night. Black and White Acrylic on 7" x 11" Bristol Board. I did not use a reference for this painting. I used my mental library to compose this painting. Its the first time that I have really painted anything in Acrylics so I learned alot about that medium. I learned a little more about controling how much water I use and how dark they become when they are dry. This is the first time I painted clouds. I spend alot of time admiring them but I still need to work on getting them more whispy. I didn't figure out how to blur acrylics just yet. I can't blend them on canvas like I did with oils, I have to mix my values before I put them down. Its a great experience. I have been observing the mountains for a LONG while and the trees, that would be my next challenge. Trees... lol. Hope you like my painting =)

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