Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today I worked on the underpainting for one of my friends painting, and I put out too much Burn Umber so I started another painting on another canvas. I did a pallete knife painting of the sun setting ont he water. It was lots of fun and I didn't get as messy as I usually do while painting with a pallet knife. I used colors that I am not used to today. I actually won the paints that I used today. =)

I took this photograph of the sunset in Lahaina during the sunset. I took about 15-20 pix of the sunset and out of those pictures I got this one that really stood out to me. Its called "Eskape" I like how there are warm yellows oranges from the sun and in imediate contrast there are the blues in the shadows of the clouds. Its awesome. I also really like that on the right side there is a window to a part of the sky that is far off into the distance and still retains its light blue color and only slightly tinted by the setting sun.

I hope you enjoy both images.

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