Monday, August 10, 2009

the Numbers and Stapler

Today was another work day and Iv been struggling with Artistic withdrawls. Its quite irratating. Today I was kinda spent on using my left brain. In the middle of all the numbers and paper work I had no choice but to draw a little something to help my head rebalance its self. I quickly ripped the crappy adding machine tape that had for the 15th time the wrong numbers on it flipped it over and drew the damn stapler. It did relieve me a bit, it was fun to do a random drawing. Who would of thought that a stapler would be so much fun! lol. This little drawing counts to my "one drawing a day" promise I made to myself. I was thinking of drawing the stapler remover but that thing hasn't really been nice to me so it didn't deserve to be drawn, or put on my blog. It has some kinda pact with the staples to give me a hard time. ARG... After my quick little drawing and some goofing around and giggles i went back to work and my numbers matched up =) Just had to balance my head out first before my numbers could balance out. =)

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