Monday, August 24, 2009

Furrrday (friday)

On friday I went to figure drawing again. I was so happy to be back. We had a GREAT model, his name was Christopher. He is an actor and did really great poses. Exspecially his hands, they reminded me of the old masters models. They were so strong but delicate and graceful and he held them with a purpose. He was great! I let him know how much I enjoyed drawing his two min poses (on the right) he repied "did you like the one where I was a tree?" =D it was funny. He was very animated and did an excellent job and he had just enough body definition and undefinition that when the light hit his body it fell on him really nicely. If he posed for a painting ID PAINT HIM! He was a haole with very defined facial features, one of a person who uses their face muscles alot. LOVED IT! The down side to fridays drawing was that the air conditioning wasnt working so it was really hot in the room. I felt bad for the model, he had that hot spotlight on him the whole time. By the end of the standing or sitting 25 min poses he would be dripping with sweat! Poor guy...

The other drawing I did was a 25 min pose, I focused on his chest and worked to understand his anatomy and protray it on to the paper. The other drawing that next the the chest drawing was also a 25 min pose, I really tried to concentrate on the gesture of his body, and also the anatomy of his back. Where the sholderblade is, how the back muscles connected to, all that good stuff.
I did two water color paintings. They are really helpful to me because I have to be quick to see the lines of his body so I can spend more time on the values that I see that define the muscles. Its like a quick speed painting. I concentrated on his chest and abs again on this painting.

On the painting to the right I messed it up a bit, I didn't start my drawing out too well so it got jacked along the way. For one, the foreshorteing of the arm is WAYYY off. 2) the values do not describe the form very well... that painting is an eww... but ima post it any way.

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