Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Fisher Men

I spent two days in Lahaina refinishing these Fishermen. It was great. I had a great veiw while I was working and a cool sea breeze. It was really nice. In the evening I went to several Galleries that are on front street. They are all over the place like how ABC stores are in Waikiki. I am going to go back to Lahaina to work on them more and also start on a Skipper scuplture they have there. It should be fun.

IF you are ever in Lahaina and eat at Lahaina Fish Co. you HAVE TO order their clams. They were just perfect, it was in the best sauce, and cooked to perfection, it is as addicting as PHO! Check it out =)

And dont forget to take a picture with the Fishermen, they too love the camera. =)

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