Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A crazy Day

Today was a pretty crazy day, I thought I was going to have the day off but there was a crisis at work and they needed my assistance. It was a really busy morning. Lets see yesterday I worked on this fisherman for Lahaina Fish Co. The owner wanted to use him but didnt have the actual file of the graphic so he took a pic of it with his iPhone and sent it to us and I took it into one of my programs and redrew and recolored him. =)
After work my mom had a hair appointment so while I was waiting for her I drew this gal here from a magazine. It was reall fun, she is mostly black Ink and I used some of my markers that I bought a while back to splash some color into her. I got luck today too, my aunty who is my hairdresser also had some time to cut my hair as well =) I scored, I got to draw today and get a hair cut =) I was really happy bout that.
Today I set up my camera in my room and took some selfportraits. I didn't have the best lighting equiptment, just some dim can lights and a reading lamp. I think for the pic that I did get it turned out pretty well, I got some good lights and darks and midtones in there, the cast shadow looks great but the shadow on my face is weird/distracting. I also experiemnted with ISO, this image was taken with ISO80. I think that I am starting to figure out what each ISO does. I'm just gonna practice more. It was really fun, mostly because I had to guestimate where to stand and how to look. I'm pretty self concious when it comes to self portraits but because I'm my own free model I'm going to take advantage of it =) I hope you enjoy it =)

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