Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beach Night Photos

These are some of the pics I took when I had dinner at The Ocean House Restaurant. These are the only two that I got to work on tonight. I hope that you like them. Enjoy =)

Today was a really busy day @ work. It started out kinda crappy but it got better as the day went on. The past couple of days since I got back and became totally inspired from Lahaina I've been thinking about how I want my own studio/work space because I have been working in my room which isn't that big. My room had a 3/4 keyboard piano, bed, a bulky dresser, 1 book shelf, easel, music stand, and 2 chairs (one for painting and one for piano). Well today I had the urge to clean out my room, all the piano stuff is gone and i have so much more room! I'm really thinking bout getting my bed out of there and getting a fold up futon =) so i can fold it up and step back more to look at my current paintings, but thats for later. Anyway, I though it was funny how after I cleaned my room with no intention of making a "studio" for myself but it really worked out well in that sense. Yay for me=) The next step would be, that clunky rediculous drawer and AC lol =)


  1. 'summer night' is an amazing photo :) makes me miss hawaii